February 25, 2011

Improving your handwriting technique (for those exam handcramps) [just musing]

I received an awesome ballpoint pen and a fountain pen from the two main men in my life (boyfriend and daddy, respectively) for my recent birthday. At first I looked into ways to improve my cursive writing technique for purely aesthetic reasons, but as soon as I found a good guide I realised that there are lots of great reasons to improve your handwriting.

Apparently the students of my generation (including myself) are not taught how to properly hold a pen and use the correct muscles when writing. This can make it very difficult to write for extended periods of time, causing cramps in the fingers and wrist. If you have this problem when you have to write for extended periods of time, you should definitely check out the link below.
As a student, I handwrite all of my notes and around exam times I have to be able to write for 2-3 hours straight to churn out the best essays I can. I also prefer to do my own creative writing by hand first, and type it up later. That's just my process. So you can see how important it is for me to be able to write without cramping up.

The problem seems to be that if you aren't taught the correct technique, you'll find yourself writing using your fingers, and drawing the letters, which is a lot of strain on your hand. It's recommended that you actually hold your hand entirely still and move your shoulder to form the letters. Also, the way you hold the pen is kind of important, and personally, I've always been told that I hold a pen like no human being before me ever has.

So here is n excellent guide I found for improving your handwriting. It's a great read too, so if you're taking a break from work or something, enjoy it rather than skimming. It's pretty funny.

Handwriting tips: Paperpenalia.com. Enjoy!

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