February 15, 2011

Are you afraid of the dark? [musing with nostalgia]

I almost wasn't going to post on this, but I watched an episode on (godbless) youtube and was intrigued by how dark this show actually was. And I mentioned there would be something only recognizable to Canadian kids growing up in the 90s. Most people I've asked have seen this show, but then I'm from Toronto. Essentially a bunch of children venture into the forest every week to exchange ghost stories. If my memory serves me well, they were pretty neat. Cheesy, but neat. The episode I watched was so much darker than I expected. Children's shows go so far out of their way to avoid topics like death, and this show seems so much creepier to me now that I'm older. If you've never seen Are You Afraid of the Dark, I don't by any means recommend it, but if you have seen it, check out episode 55, The Tale of Station 109.1 with Ryan Gosling (The Notebook and Blue Valentine) as a little tyke. Joanna Garcia (American Pie 2 and How I Met Your Mother) is in the intro as well.


  1. I watched that show as a kid, so it's not just Canadian kids. That was me growing up in the Midwest of the USA too.

  2. Ah, looking it up now this was a joint effort with Cinar and Nickelodeon, so I guess it isn't just a tiny group of Toronto kids who have seen this, as with most YTV shows.