May 22, 2012

Game of Thrones: Who will sit on the Iron Throne (Season 2 episode 8)?

Wouldn't it just be like Cercei Lannister to find a way to get her ass onto that throne in the end?

Of course, as of "The Prince of Winterfell" Cercei is in no position to move for the throne, but she seems to have realised that putting Joffrey there was a mistake. Maybe once she's done pouting about how Joffrey is such a terrible king, she'll get back to plotting for power and become the adversary we used to know and love. Right now she's just being a thorn in the side for her brother Tyrion when he's the only one who's actually trying to do something to protect King's Landing.

But who will it be, then?

That's one angry Stark!

Robb Stark

He might look really... miffed... here, but Robb Stark seems to be in a pretty good position to attack King's Landing, at least from what his enemies are saying about him. They're quivering in their boots. Tywin Lannister is terrified of the Stark bannermen striking against Harrenhal, if only Robb knew. Despite Tywin saying that Harrenhal should be impregnable to a ground assault, and yes it's cursed to be taken time and time again, but since when does Tywin Lannister believe in curses more than his own ability? Tyrion Lannister is also afraid that King's Landing will fall in a siege, and if only the Starks could see his (assumably litttle) boots shaking, they would march on the capital right away! As King of the North, and wanting to be "the good kind" of king, he probably wouldn't accept the Iron Throne, but of course that's exactly the kind of leader you want. So someone will probably manage to convince him.

Jaime Lannister

There didn't seem much of a chance for Jaime at all, but at least in this episode he managed to escape his imprisonment by the Starks. Nice twist there. I thought Catelyn Stark was going to kill him for sure. But of course, I didn't think Catelyn was a complete idiot until now. It's still a stretch, but doesn't he look great on the throne?
And if we go back to Cercei, who better for her to prop up on the throne after her son fails than the boy's father and her brother? Boy that comes out messy.

Stannis Baratheon

No one really thinks Stannis is going to end up on the Iron Throne, do they? I mean, no one's rooting for him but he's not really the main antagonist, either. Right now he's sailing for King's Landing and they don't seem to know how to defend it against him and his ships. In the War of the Five Kings, there are the good guys, and the bad guys, and Stannis is one of the bad guys but he's not the final boss, is he?

Daenerys Targaryen

In The Prince of Winterfell, King's Landing finally hears the Dany is coming for what is hers. Of course she still has to get her dragons back from the House of the Undying before she can hop on a ship and hope there are people in Westeros who will fight and die for her to get her pretty behind onto the throne. Things aren't looking good for the khaleesi when Jorah Mormont is too scared to go into the House of the Undying after her dragons.

Jon Snow

Well hasn't Jon Snow gotten himself into some trouble. A promo image with him sitting on the Iron Throne has been floating around and the internet since Season 1, but Jon is getting further and further from any possibility of power. But then why is his character even in the show, I ask you? As of The Prince of Winterfell, he's in a very bad position, but always remember that with story telling, it's all relevant. You don't introduce a gun in Act 1 unless it's going to go off by Act 3. Even if he's been captured by the wildlings and he's stuck out of the way in the North, Jon Snow will be back and he will play a role in The Game of Thrones, you mark my words.
What do you think? Am I missing anyone, and am I crazy with any of my nominations?

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