May 6, 2015

How To Survive A Minor Alien Invasion by C. A. Watson

"In one day those two women lost their jobs, discovered a dead body, got grilled by the police and heard about the most incompetent alien invasion ever"

Part sci-fi, part murder mystery, How To Survive A Minor Alien Invasion is full immersion into a who-done-it and a first contact novel with a complex, detailed intergalactic world. Lenore Graston is a smart, likable and relatable would-be sleuth who finds the body of coworker Margaret Whipply and has to get to the bottom of why it happened — more than that, when she deduces that aliens are involved, she literally won't sleep until she can be sure justice — intergalactic justice — will be served. The story behind Margaret's untimely death goes way beyond the murder of one woman, even beyond all of humanity and Earth; it's a big conspiracy that echoes throughout the entire galaxy.

Check out the debut science fiction novel by C. A. Watson on Amazon.

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