April 17, 2015

Call To Battle: The Final Scrapyard Ship Book is Here

"Welcome to the final, heart-pounding episode of the Scrapyard Ship series books. It’s all about to end in one climactic crescendo.

The story continues, with Captain Jason Reynolds, and his team: Billy, Rizzo, and the rhino-warrior, Traveler. They must attempt to rescue Ricket and Gaddy, still held captive aboard the impregnable Dreathlor prison barge. Only then, can Jason return to The Lilly, his highly advanced Caldurian vessel … where it all began.

With the approach of an enormous fighting force on the horizon, it’s the last call to battle. Will the decimated Allied worlds reunite one more time? Will Ot-Mul get his vengeance, by taking those most dear to Jason — Mollie, Boomer, Nan and Dira — and using them to rip Jason’s world, his very existence, apart?"

With Call to Battle, it's win or lose for Captain Jason Reynolds and the Allied Forces defending Earth and the galaxy from Ot-Mul's Drac-Vin forces. The Craing on Halimar may have revolutionized and turned away from their previous path of conquest, but Ot-Mul still controls hundreds of thousands of warships in space, and he's not done waging war and seeking to annihilate all other planetary systems in the galaxy. The Great Space initiative is on hold while he deals with the small problem of Captain Reynolds and The Lillly, but they're just flies on his backside. You're going to have to read and find out if Jason can hatch a plan genius enough to take on a warlord with a fleet exponentially greater than his own.

Check out Call To Battle and the rest of the Scrapyard Ship series on Amazon.

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