March 1, 2015

Giving Up The Ghost by Brandon Arment

Giving up the Ghost by Brandon Arment

There's a new literary sci-fi out that really kicked me in the heart, possibly with the twelve-volt car battery that plane crash survivor Adam Trager uses to jolt himself into the past before the accident, back when the only people he loved in this world were still alive. Sorry, let me start over. Adam Trager is a twenty-two-year-old son, brother, writer, English major, physics aficionado, indie music lover, directionless wanderer, and heir to a Denver Telecom giant. Essentially, he's perfectly placed for a life of ease and fulfillment, and has a bright future before him — until he loses his entire family when his father, Winslow Trager, crashes their private jet. And that's where our story starts.

Giving Up The Ghost is a story about time: its healing properties as well as the cruel impassivity with which it keeps passing after a painful loss. It's a time travel story, but it's also a story of grief and connection in the most human way possible. Weaved throughout the book are Adam's brother Pete's writings, which help Adam to process his brother's death and also express a love for literature, music, film, and storytelling of every kind. It can be hard to write about writers and pull off a book about books, but Arment accomplishes something that will speak to the heart of any and every avid reader.

Let me know if you end up reading the newest novel from this independent Colorado author! I want to know what you thought. Check it out on Amazon

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