March 20, 2015

Con Man: A new comedy from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion produced by ME! (and YOU!)

The past ten days have been a blur for any true Brown Coats i.e. those of us who obviously haven't gotten over Firefly yet. On March 10th Serenity's Pilot Alan Tudyk and Captain Nathan Fillion announced the Indiegogo campaign for Con Man, because Convention Man doesn't sound as cool. It's going to be a show about an actor who played a pilot on a sci-fi show that was beloved by fans but was cancelled by a network, too soon, and another actor who went on to become grossly successful after the cancellation of the show, and they seem like best buddies. If you love Firefly, watch their campaign video (above) and the teaser for Con Man (below) and support the campaign (while pretty much buying cool fan merch before the show's even made) by clicking here.

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