August 2, 2011

Buffyverse on Twitter

So, if you're like me, you want your Twitter feed to be full of tweets from your favourite celebs, and what actors could be more charming and hilarious than Whedon's faves? So here's a few of your favourite Buffyverse characters and the names you can find them under on Twitter. Just to let you know right off the bat, our hero Miss Buffy Summers doesn't have a certified Twitter account. You won't find Sarah Michelle Gellar on Twitter, but I'll update this if she ever gets an account.

Alyson Hannigan, who plays Willow, can be found on Twitter as @Alydenisof. That would be her married name. Her adorable tweets often pertain to her baby girl and her husband Alexis Denisof, who played Wesley on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

I follow @NicholasBrendon for news updates on the actor who played Xander, but it's usually tweets from the webmaster of Sometimes we get word from the man himself as well.

@AnthonySHead isn't certified as the actor who plays Rupert Giles, but I believe it's him. He tweets infrequently but he's funny and charming, just like our favourite librarian in the whole world.

I follow @EmmaCaulfield, who plays my favourite ex-demon/demon, Anya. She's hilarious, creative, and tweets frequently. She always has neat projects going on and she really brightens up my day. I get to hear Anya's voice every time she puts out a little 140 character message.

This just in while I'm writing about her: "In the nicest possible way I ask u to call me Emma not Anya. U see, one is my name and the other isn't. Coolio? Big fat wet kiss to u all."

Another of my favourite Buffyverse tweeters is the beautiful and wicked Julie Benz (@juliebenz), the actress who played Darla. Sounds like she has a really cute life with two dogs named Sugar and Bamboo. Another voice I love to hear in my head whenever she tweets, which is quite frequent. Such a sweety.

Michelle Trachtenberg can be found @TheRealMichelleT. Maybe her name was taken by the fansite first? The actress, who played Dawn on Buffy, tweets all day long. She's currently working on a film with @SethGreen, who played Oz. They often post funny pics from the set of Sexy Evil Genius.

Faith is my favourite Buffy character of all time and you can follow her @ElizaDushku. She's always going above and beyond for her fans, hosting videochats online and pictures from cool events. Love her.

Can't forget @AllCharisma. Who doesn't want daily updates on what the actress who played Cordy is up to? The most fun part of all this is seeing the actors tweeting between each other. Some are still friends in real life and it's magical to see first hand.

I'm also wildly impressed by @Amber_benson. She also writes and directs, and I think she has a few books out. Really need to get my hands on those.

@jaugustrichards is Charles Gunn. Follow him. He's a nice guy. @DavidBoreanaz is Angel. Big sports fan.

@NathonFillion is another very funny and frequent Tweeter. I know he was only on a few episodes of Buffy, but his starring role in Firefly qualifies him as a Joss Whedon favourite. And he's so charismatic and silly. Great tweets. Also, he's Canadian. So is @MercedesMcnab, the beautiful blond who played Harmony. She was born in Vancouver, BC. She comes out with cute regular tweets. Still jealous of her getting to be Spike's girlfriend, even for a few episodes. James Marsters, who plays Spike, doesn't have a certified Twitter account.

I think that's it for now. I will update this as I find more members of Buffyverse on Twitter. Let me know if I've missed anyone of notable mention - or even not so much. So many loveable minor characters. I'll try to keep up my search.

Also wanna add that I'm awesome. Managed to find a pic of the cast that includes Anya, Oz, Faith, Dawn, Angel and Cordy when many of these characters weren't even on the show at the same time. Nice!

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