February 3, 2015

Lone Star Renegades: A New Sci-Fi from Mark Wayne McGinnis

Mark Wayne McGinnis

Lone Star Renegades by Mark Wayne McGinnis (Get it on Amazon)

A perfect military training sci-fi mashup, Lone Star Renegades is a brilliant execution of one of my favorite genres. A football team is accidentally abducted into the belly of a big collector ship and vie for their survival in a desperate, hopeless situation. When Collin Frost and his Lone Stars teammates make an agreement with alien spacecraft captain Dante Primo for their return home, the teenagers must first complete six weeks of training and a year of service to Primo's faction, the Brotherhood. The teenagers are in for weapons training, hand-to-hand, and competitions in the sport of Pangallo. But it's not all fun and training; the Brotherhood forces are under constant attack, and I don't want to spoil anything, but you can bet the new recruits are going to see their share of action. It's a fun adventure abroad — really far abroad, in the far reaches of outer space.

For fans of Mark Wayne McGinnis's Scrapyard Ship series, look out for Book 7 in March 2015. Have a look at Mark Wayne McGinnis's site for all works in progress.

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