January 24, 2014

Casting Some Starlight on Indie Star J. R. Wright: And Along Came Spider [quickie time]

And Along Came Spider by J.R. WRIGHT: 4.5/5 STARS (Get it on Amazon)

"When it comes time for Martina to change up her life, she abruptly quits her job as a night nurse at a small local hospital, climbs into her old car, and leaves home. From all outward appearances, Martina Spalding is an attractive young lady looking for love and a new life. But underneath is a spitfire with a pistol she's not afraid to use, which surprises even her when she discovers her best friends life is in danger. What transpires thereafter is a thrilling and suspenseful ride to unmask the killer, with a few wrong turns and bumps along the way. During the transformational journey that ensues, Martina earns her nickname in earnest: SPIDER."

On the Facebook page for Musings by Starlight, I promised this week to answer the question of why my name is featured prominently on the strikingly beautiful cover of J. R. Wright's new book, And Along Came Spider, a Martina Spalding Thriller. Well, I've been editing J. R. Wright's books for half a year now, and when I was asked to do a little writing for the first of the Spider series, I jumped at the opportunity to add little words here and there and everywhere until the book had just enough of me in it to warrant an editor's credit so front and centre. I'm deeply grateful to Mr. Wright for giving me so much credit, but more than that I'm grateful to have a job where I get to read one hell of a thrilling ride, while even exercising my creative writing muscles.

That said, my choice to feature J. R. Wright's as the Indie Star Spotlight for January is a little biased, but I do feel that this novel is his best work to date (but do check out the Legend of the Dawn series for a Western adventure story), and I think I have a right to share my opinion, biased or not! So here's the honest opinion of And Along Came Spider:

There's a lot going on for Martina Spalding, given that ever since she left home, her simple life has spiraled out of control. Marti is one hell of a girl, and the situation she finds herself in is wrought with danger and unfairness, but there seems to be some sort of karmic order, because in exchange she gets the kind of friendship that only comes around once in a lifetime, and I don't mean from Mr. Love Interest, I mean from her best friend, Gloria Gillen.

Fun, fast, and dirty for a book about a virgin.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Indie Star Author. I don't know about you, but I don't read nearly enough independently published fiction, so every month or so I hope to review an indie novel for some supportive and honest promotion (the best kind, if you ask me.) 

To indie writers: While I have a fair supply of books to get me started, I am in the market for review copies of independently published fiction, with a preference for science fiction and fantasy. It won't be the first time I've accepted a book as payment for labor. I will feature your book on Musings by Starlight, first come first serve, and post the review to Amazon (and where ever else you please). While I can't promise five stars, I can promise a promotion that is thought out, fair and honest.

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