September 27, 2013

Journey to Neverland [once upon a time]

If you're excited for the season 3 premiere of ABC's Once Upon a Time on Sunday, you'll enjoy the above promo. Another recommendation is to re-watch the finale of season 2 for a pump-up. That's what I did this morning, and it revived a few mixed feelings that I had. I'm thrilled to be heading to Neverland, but I do have a few qualms I'm not putting aside just yet.

#1. It really bothered me that Belle didn't have a problem with Mr. Gold after her memory came back. The pragmatist in me gets that devoting screen time to her rampage might not have been fitting, but it looks like they're going to skip that confrontation entirely. At least give me a "We'll talk about this later." Classic lady line.

#2. Hook and Gold practically kiss and make up. In a split second, for the sake of a kid that didn't want him around (Baelfire), Hook is willing to put aside his blood lust for vengeance, the very quest that led him to Storybrooke, and not only that, he's willing to let the bastard on his ship. It's not a very big ship, so I expect there to be some tension, but not enough to make up for the loving camaraderie they showed in the final scenes of the finale.

On the upside, there's something I forgot: Aurora and company found Baelfire! So that's good news. I think it's an unwritten rule of narratives that if someone just -might- be dead, they're going to last a bit longer. The only character to fall through a portal and never be seen again is Sirius Black. Did you remember that little detail?

So Sunday is approaching, and my nit-picky qualms won't keep me from enjoying the new season. My favorite characters are back! All I'm saying is that the team better watch those character relationships and pay the details the attention they deserve. No more hugs and kisses between Hook and Gold!

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