December 5, 2012

Free and Open on the Fifth of December

Why is a free and open web important to you?

According to The Hill, right now in Dubai, the Obama administration has U.S. delegates attending the World Conference on International Telecommunications. They're telling the UN that it can't regulate America's internet. So what about this makes Obama a hypocrite?

Earlier today, the House passed a Senate resolution that will prevent the U.S. giving power to the U.N. to monitor and limit internet use. However, nobody said anything about the U.S. not monitoring and limiting internet use domestically.

The fight for a free and open web continues, and there is no certainty that President Obama will land on the right side. Apparently, the president is worried about terrorist security issues.... right...

Here are some resources for fighting for a free and open web:

Read what Google has to say about it and how you can help:

Net Neutrality 101:

And of course, our resource for every petition ever:

Since I'm no expert, but just a lowly bookworm, I will post these and other questions around the internet.

Is there a level of internet monitoring and privacy infringement that we would find acceptable to keep our nations safe?

Personally, I don't care much about my own privacy when it comes to things I post on the internet. Even when it comes to personal e-mails and private things, I don't think the government would find my Facebook conversations very enlightening. What do you think?

Obama signed ACTA; is he going to oppose internet freedom in the future, or was this a campaign move? I'm a little bit nervous and I have lost quite a bit of trust in the Obama administration. Of course,  good friends of mine always remind me: "Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence." I'm pretty sure Obama doesn't know what the internet is, otherwise he would allow his kids to use it on weekdays - to educate themselves.

Let's talk about secrecy as well. As far as I can see, there isn't even a question here. There just needs to be transparency when the government of the US or anywhere else talks about net neutrality, end of story, no argument! (Of course if you have an argument, feel free to post it!)

Something else we could talk about is the strength of protests like Googles. Do you think Obama will listen the resounding voices asking for a free and open web?

Thanks for reading and please consider commenting! I would love to hear what you think!

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