May 8, 2012

TiMER [Review Time]

Of course when I sign up for Netflix and start rating a few of my favourite movies, they invent for me a category called "Sci-fi Romantic Comedy". I don't even like romantic comedies so I think they just got that part from the gender on my profile. Do not be sceptical. While it seems like combining two formula genres together could only create disaster, that's only if it's not well done; TiMER proved to be well-written, well-acted, funny, thought-provoking and enjoyable. So there.
The premise of a sci-fi is probably the most important piece to note in a movie review; it's also usually the most off-putting, cheesy-sounding and painful to both read and write, so let's get it over with. The premise of TiMER is that a technology has evolved that tells singles the moment that they will meet their soul mate. Ok, that wasn't so bad. Let's get on to why this movie doesn't suck.

First of all, good writing, including witty, sceptical characters who are simultaneously loveable. I was waiting for the cliches to pour in, but they didn't. Soon I got caught up in the dialogue enough to stop waiting for it. They also spent exactly the right amount of time devoted to the philosophical fallout of this technology without over-doing it. What would become of love if you had scientific proof that there was only one soul-mate for you? Would you ever try to connect with anyone who wasn't "the one"? Are the romantic detours in life not worth anything?

I have to say, I watched this because I needed a laugh, so I was mostly looking forward to the funnies and the hilariously candid style of Emma Caufield, who can always make me smile, but right off the bat I was struck by how well the film got across that feeling of desperation and fear of being alone that so many people face. Me, I'm in a relationship and even I got upset by the end of the opening scene. But don't worry; TiMER is not a downer. You will be rofling quite a bit, especially if you're familiar with Emma's ridiculousness. Just sit back and let her do her thing!

I came for the Emma Caulfield, but I left wondering where I could see more of Michelle Borth. Two very quirky and beautiful actresses that really vibed off each other. I loved it! Also look out for the child star from The Butterfly Effect, John Patrick Amedori, all grown up and gorgeous. Excellent casting is another thing saving this sci-fi from possible cheesy fail.

I am gonna get all emotional here and say I cared way more about the relationship between Oona and Steph than Oona and Mikey or Steph and Dan or Oona and Dan. Sisterly love definitely comes first, and as someone who has step-sisters that she loves like blood, I get that Oona and Steph are the real deal. Family first, hoes before bros!

TiMER only has a 6.5 on IMDB, and I think it deserves much higher than that. So go watch it and vote. I think it needs to be up above a 7/10. As far as drama/comedies go, this one is just much better than average, and the mere 3000 voters so far  have not done the film justice. Don't listen to them; listen to me!

P.S. to Buffy fans, check out this IMDB trivia! "Emma Caulfield also co-stars with the Timer matchmaker Kali Rocha in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as demon friends who later become antagonists, much like their relationship in Timer."Halfrek the vengeance demon plays Anya's, I mean Oona's, antagonist in TiMER. Crazy!

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