March 10, 2011

14 years ago, the Slayer started slaying - The anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer [musing with nostalgia]

I know I recently posted about Buffy, but today is the 14th anniversary of the show airing on the WB. To celebrate, here are some great quotations from the first episode!

Buffy Summers: So, you like to party with the students? Isn't that kind of skanky?
Rupert Giles: [witheringly] Oh, right. This is me having fun. Watching clown hair prance about is hardly my idea of a party. I'd much rather be home with a cup Bovril and a good book.
Buffy Summers: You need a personality, STAT.

Principal Flutie: You burned down the gym!
Buffy: I did. I really did, but-but you're not seeing the big picture here. I mean that gym was full of vampi- asbestos.

Xander Harris: Oh, hey! Hey, you forgot your... stake!

Buffy Summers: Why don't we start with, 'Hi, I'm Buffy,' and, uh, then let's segue directly into me asking you for a favor. It doesn't involve moving, but it does involve hanging out with me for a while.
Willow Rosenberg: But aren't you hanging out with Cordelia?
Buffy Summers: I can't do both?
Willow Rosenberg: Not legally.

Xander: Check back tomorrow, I'll have that devastating comeback ready

Cordelia Chase: It's in the bad part of town.
Buffy Summers: Where's that?
Cordelia Chase: About a half a block from the good part of town. We don't have a whole lot of town here.

Random Girl: I mean, what kind of name is "Buffy"?
Girl Passing By: Hi Aphrodesia!

Cordelia: Some guy was stuffed in Aura's locker.
Buffy: Dead?
Cordelia: Totally dead. Way dead.
Xander: So not just a little dead then?

Willow: When I'm with a boy I like, it's hard for me to say anything cool, or-or witty - or at all. I-I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.

Xander: Not much goes on in a one-Starbucks town like Sunnydale.

Buffy: Hey, I know. Why don't *you* kill 'em?
Rupert: I'm a Watcher, I-I haven't the skill.
Buffy: Oh, come on. A stake through the heart, a little sunlight. It's like falling off a log.

Buffy: Who are you?
Angel: Let's just say, I'm a friend.
Buffy: Yeah, well maybe I don't want a friend.
Angel: I didn't say I was yours.

Willow: Do you have Theories in Trig? You should check it out.
Xander: Check it out?
Willow: From the library. Where the books live.

Buffy: There's one.
Giles: W-Where?
Buffy: Right there, talking to that girl.
Giles: You don't know...
Buffy: Oh, please! Look at his jacket. He's got the sleeves rolled up. And the shirt - Deal with that outfit for a moment.
Giles: It's dated.
Buffy: It's carbon-dated. Trust me, only someone living underground for ten years would think *that* was still the look.

Joyce Summers: Are you going out tonight?
Buffy Summers: Yeah, I'm going to a club.
Joyce Summers: Oh. Will there be boys there?
Buffy Summers: No, Mom. It's a nun club.

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