December 20, 2010

The Untimely Demise of Heroes [review and musing time]

I was a Heroes fan until the very last. I never gave up on the show, and watched every episode weekly, no matter how little hope there was that it would really come back. The first season was excellent, and the ideas were always there, but the show got progressively worse. There are many negative things I could say about Heroes, and the show has obviously gotten many negative reviews before it was dropped at the end of its fourth season, but I am going to focus on the positive in the hopes that I can bring other Heroes fans to grieve with me.

I felt like the show was on an upward curve in the fourth season. Old dangers were given a new face in that of Samuel and his carnival of heroes. These heroes had new and interesting powers, and a new ideology that posed a real threat to our favourite heroes. Edgar and Lydia brought complexity to the group in their opposition of Samuel. This season was actually unified and coherent in the rise and fall of a new villain. And of course our favourite villain did very well in season four. Sylar was back to his vengeful self for a while as he plagued the mind of Matt Parkman.

Claire's new life in college was also a strong element of the season. In previous seasons she has been hiding from her involvement in the murder of another cheerleader, and later running from the government. For a brief time we got to see her trying to live as a normal girl - and failing epically at it. My greatest disappointed comes from the show ending right as she makes the decision that she doesn't want to try to be normal anymore. She demonstrates her powers to the world and reveals the existence of heroes. This plot line had such promise and from the awesomeness of the first season, we know that Tim Kring and the team have the ability to make good television. If they were given another chance after the terrible third season, why weren't they given one now? In my opinion, things were looking up.

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