July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie [review time]

Much of the talk about this movie so far has been centred on the handling of the teenage romance subplots. Some called it quirky and fun, while others wanted to vomit. I am of the opinion that, for the most part, the romance was actually handled better in the movies than in the books. Romantic comedy may be a little easier to convey in film form, or maybe Rowling just did not know how to describe it well enough, but the scenes of love, infatuation and young curiosity had just the right amount of awkwardness and clearly got the point across. With the exception of the shoe tying. That was just too awkward.

But really, the twisting web of teenage drama was always my least favourite part of the series. Such immature make-out sessions and meaningless dating aren‘t fit for literature, in my snobby opinion. Even literature that can be classified as directed towards young adults. Stress on the *young*, when it comes to this part of the series. I just don‘t think it improved the story in any way. Even having Hermione and Ron pair up with Harry and Ginny finally acting on their suppressed passions was a bit of a stretch. Don‘t you just hate stories that aren‘t about love, yet everyone ends up getting married at the end?

We were never really given an inkling as to why Ron and Hermione grew to be more than friends, and why it wasn‘t Harry who won over the female in their trio. The Lavender plot provides jealousy as the motive, but that isn‘t really fitting of Hermione‘s character. She is cool-headed and rational, more likely to act on reason than emotion. The two characters have no chemistry, whether on screen or in the pages of a book.

I doubt there is a soul left who wants to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and hasn‘t yet, so I won‘t bother urging any doubters to get out there and enjoy the show. The movie is pretty shot-on when it comes to the main plot and if the harsher critics claim the romance is sickening, this one says it‘s fine, just remember grade school.

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